Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter!

So I have to ask-- where did another month go? March came in like a lion, left like a lion, and April came in like a lion, and appears to be leaving like a lion here today. All that makes for great sewing days, but I was in bed with the flu for the first week of this month, at least!

It hasn't been a super productive month, but I've tried in life to be more accepting of what I can accomplish each day--it's never enough, is it? So if you agree with my inspirational calendar, just take a look at what day this sentiment falls on and that's what it's been for me lately!

After digging through my scraps for cherry applique fabrics, I decided to do a little spring cleaning-- washed up all my red scraps and the good news is I have room for more fabric!
I'm going to go through in rainbow order until they are all neatly stowed.

While sick in bed, I did manage to complete the applique on "Mon Cherie." I'm feeling pretty good about it-- it's all "bowl of cherries" on this one.

Now it's time to make the open lattice that will fill the blue area-- I need about 100 1/2" tubes, which are then turned, pressed, woven, and glue basted on top of a paper template I made.

This is really just a test piece for my next show quilt, the flower baskets, and again, I'm really pleased. I'm not sure exactly how to stitch these three things together, but I'm confident the process will reveal itself as I continue along, and I will write a post on how I ended up doing it...

...mostly so I will remember myself how it did for the bigger piece-- LOL.

We're not going to write the pattern for this, but if you have the Cherry Zen design, you can just blow the photo up and copy it-- be my guest. We also just finished another Zen design, The Curated Carrots, and really, any of those zen designs would make the center of a fabulous medallion quilt of your own imagination. 

I found the perfect fabric for "Mon Cherie's" backing in JoAnn Fabric, while looking for the perfect backing for a QOV my friends and I are making for Memorial Day, which I didn't find

In more San Francisco Stitch Co. news, we started a new FREE stitch-a-long... the link is at the bottom. It's a sister piece to "Autumn Twist," yup, it's "Spring Twist!" We are again using Superior Thread's beautiful tweedy twist colors, but you don't have to-- any pastels would be fabulous. We found a white on white polka dot for the background. 

Yes, we're doing Summer and Winter Twist 
stitch-a-longs by the end of the year!

You know that I draw my inspiration from the little things all around me-- 
the first block is called:

"Who Ate My Tulips!"

Why do they always leave one?

We're also finally starting the #14 Cloud Club Bird! After seeing the hardship and flooding in Nebraska, we're working on the state bird, a Meadowlark. It's a beautiful bird with all kinds of stripes and dots and a striking yellow chest with a black band. The state flower is goldenrod-- I have never thought of all the individual yellow buds on a stalk until I decided to digitize them. So be patient, Between stripes, spots, and buds it's going to take a while!

Have a Happy Easter 
and hope your world is peaceful and warm.