Sunday, November 10, 2019

Kris Kringle's Cross Stitch Club Crushes it!

A huge THANK YOU to all who joined-- and yes, I promise to stop it with the alliteration now!

This is the first of twelve 4x4 cross stitch designs, and if you signed up for the series or bought it individually, you should already have it.

This is the first FREE charm size! This year, the free size will only be available on Friday--- this is different this year, so be sure to mark your calendars!! We're keeping the church charm free through Veteran's day to get everyone up to speed on the new rules...
Missed charms will be for sale for 99 cents.

If you signed up for the series, all of the charms will be free to you and will be sent to your inbox for the next 11 glorious Friday mornings! You also get the finishing kit for free. The Club price is $24.99, it will not be offered on sale, and the offer ends on December 1st-- after that, you have to buy individually.

We already have about 1/3 of our Christmas Carol series digitized, and about a third more sketched. So here's some sneak peeks if you're not convinced.

My True Love Gave to Me....

Winter Wonderland...

and Have a Cup of Cheer!

We're not sure which of those three to do next Friday yet...
so weigh in, in the comments below, if you have an opinion!

and here's some more sketches-- 
you can see that all of our designs start out on pencil and paper-- from cross stitch to cloud club. I guess we're a bit old school that way!

Upcoming we have "I Saw Three Ships" ( I confess I just wanted to do ships, and even as a kid I never really understood what this hymn had to do with Christmas LOL), Let Heaven and Nature Sing, and O Tannebaum. (I finally got that is German for Christmas Tree in my early adult years, heehee. In fact, a huge thank you to the German culture for making up most of this beloved holiday! xox)

So that is the skinny on
Kris Kringle's Cross Stitch Carols!

Again, a huge thank you for all of the early support-- it is a HUGE honor to us how many of you are willing to support this sight unseen.

Members-- look for your second installment on Friday, November 15th-- and also a big hug to all who bought the individual Jingle Bells design this weekend-- we really appreciate you, too.

Click below to visit the Kris Kringle page...
and for those of you who asked, YES!, a Santa head will definitely be one of the designs!
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