Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bayberry Show Part 3

Here's is Part Three of my home town show-- Bayberry Quilter's of Cape Cod. These are some of my particular favorites which kind of defy classification as pieced or appliqued.

"Leatherstocking Jane" Marie Oastler
All hand done. Need I say more.

"Floating Bubbles"  Cynthia Limberakis
This wonderful modern quilt was started in a guild class with Weeks Ringle-- beautiful matchstick quilting-- Finished AND Perfect!

 "Peeps--A Silkie Bantam Hen," Rebecca Lawrence
Thread painting eye candy. Just look at that eye.

"Maps" Uncommon Threads Group  Challenge--Kathleen Andreoli, June Calender, Robin Maguire, Meredith Pearson, Elaine Skoler
A map quilt is SO on my bucket list. Thumbs up, ladies.

"My Forever Quilt" Gail Butler
I'm crazy about Crazy quilts!

 "The Four Seasons," Nancy Brown
A nod to machine embroidery. Well done.

"Crazy About Recycled Seasons" Lu Obarowski
I used to spend my time, commuting 2 hours back and forth to NYC, cross stitching. What a wonderful way to frame this piece.
Shall I dig out some of my cross stitch UFOs?

Stencilled quilt-- In Memoriam--Frances Abell Brand
Frances was a famous quilter-- Google her-- started quilting at age 70 and completed 108 quilts! A life to celebrate. xox

"Let's Join the Circus" Maryanne Boberg
My vote for best in show!! LOL-- the Bayberry Guild has a FREE table to share unwanted fabric, etc-- I loving laid my Circus test stitch outs to rest last year, after figuring out my kids, now in their twenties, are no longer interested in a potential circus quilt. 
Maryanne took it from there-- yes, finished and perfect, again!
Thanks for the thrill, dear.

Our  guild challenge this year was SEASONS! Quilters were free to interpret the seasons through fabric and color. All quilts were required to hang vertically and measure 18 inches on the top and bottom and 36 inches on the sides. All awards were viewer's choice, and so the artist's names were not revealed-- comment below and I will gladly post them if you know whose they are.

Oddly, a group with homes on Cape Cod overwhelmingly selected WINTER for the theme. Go figure.

by Elsa Hahn-- won the blue ribbon. <3

In New England, we are also fortunate to host Mancuso's World Quilt New England show in Manchester, NH in August-- it is one of my favorites and brings in quilts from all over the world. Of course, I didn't miss it-- so come back soon for more quilty eye candy!


Friday, August 24, 2018

Bayberry Quilt Show Part 2 Applique

This is Part 2 of posts on our local quilt guild, Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod, show. Today we're looking at applique quilts. Artists always pick nice places to live-- and Cape Cod is at the top of the list, so there's incredible bench strength in this club.

"Jewel in the Lotus" Paula TuaƱo
This amazing and very unusual piece was front and center as you walked into the show. LARGE! It was all done with meticulous, buttonhole machine applique-- just look at those shapes-- and took a number of years. The colors are just really out of the box as well. Stunning.

"Garden of Dreams" Cousin's Club
Apparently a group quilt-- 
I'd love to collaborate-- but who gets to keep it?! LOL

"Angels in Transition" Kathy Hutcheson
Quilters: Nubian Jenkins and Lois Podolny
This is by my friend Kathy, who has done many amazing things in a lifetime including retiring to be a ski instructor. She added bits 'n bobs of her grandmother's jewelry and other family mementos in this piece that just says L-O-V-E.

"A Baltimore Album Quilt Adventure" Sandra Davidson
Quilter: Kathy Sperino

This quilt is not only amazing for being Baltimore, but also has many 3D flowers which I always love. Perfect and beautifully quilted as well.

"Baskets and Bows" Anne Messier
Quilter: Jean Konopacz
I have never met Anne, but I HAVE seen her quilts! She is productive, and has won Best in Show before. I just love this folksy quilt-- not sure if it is a pattern, but the blocks are so cute and the orange peel pattern is so fabulous, too. Look at the little scene in the close up below.

"Enduring Treasure" Marilyn Swensen
Quilter: Margaret Solomon Gunn
Broderie perse beauty, fully embroidered as well. This is quilted by the famous Margaret Solomon Gunn of many, many show ribbons, and did not disappoint.

"Reveille" Mary Wheatley
The show always commemorates members we've lost in the past year-. Each had a quilt or two In Memoriam, and they will be treasured by family members forever.

"My Spring Baskets" Barbara LeBlanc
In Memoriam

"Antique Wild Flowers" Messier, Anne
Quilter: Jean Konopacz

I always love a pretty mix of piecing and applique-- another Anne Messier for the year!

"Twelve Days of Christmas" Gail Butler
A favorite theme for me-- on my bucket list.

"Not by the Hair on my Chinny, Chin, Chin" Pat Murphy

The next three are less traditional applique, but no less fantastic.

                                      "Old Blue" Pat Murphy

"Lulu and Louie" Elsa Hahn

"My Tennessee Album" Vi Olsen
One the show's featured quilters. This was made with love in honor of her Dad-- I notice that the bottom two blocks on the left look like ones from my own Baltimore Album kit I am making-- except hers are a lot more colorful! LOL

"Nantucket Sailing" Vi Olsen

"Twin Lobster Special"  Cathy Papazian
I guess you'd call me a fan because I am always drawn to Cathy's quilts-- always so original and mostly Cape themed. What's not to love?

"Birdsong by the Bog-Part 2 of 3" 
Laurie LaConte
The center panel of a lovely triptych, which also won a blue ribbon for Laurie. Look at the face on that little frog!

I also LOVE when quilting becomes more that a pattern and tells more of the story-- see the butterfly and flowers in the "distance"?

"Martha’s Vineyard" Vi Olsen

"Baby Quilt for Grandson" Nancy Drew
All a quilt should be-- you can tell just by looking, this was made for someone special, who will grow up to love trucks, cars, and football. Sweet dreams, little one, under this quilt. You are loved.

And here's our Best in Show!

"Ladies of the Sea" Tere D'Amato
I'm sure you've all ogled this gorgeous pattern by Sue Garman-- and here it is, living up to its full potential. Tere not only hand-turned appliqued but quilted this by herself, too! It's her second best of show in three years-- she is incredible.

For my last post, I am going to show you some very special quilts which defy classification as pieced or applique, and also the "Seasons of Quilting" Challenge quilts, so be sure to look for that next week. 

Hope this inspires you to pull out at UFO this weekend.
Happy stitching!


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bayberry Quilt Show Roundup Part 1

If you ever have a chance to go to a local quilt show, by all means do not miss it!There is nothing better than seeing friend's and neighbor's quilts in person, with each and every one of them so unique and beautiful.These quilts are from the Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod, and I'm going to do three posts in all loosely grouped into Pieced, Applique, and Challenge. I worked hard to get all the names right-- if I made a mistake, let me know by commenting and I will fix it right away. xox,

"Super Nova" Laurie LaConte
Quilting rock star Laurie had no less than six pieces in the show-- this is Tula Pink's pattern and Laurie's version here went on to win a blue ribbon. Laurie uses the most amazing quilting patterns-- simple but sensational-- makes it look easy and effortless when we all know it isn't!

"Botanical Wreath" Holly Santangelo

"That Place in the Country" Jane Howe
Love each and every border in this medallion quilt-
just look at the little houses, and the simple stars!

"Crown of Thorns" Carol Salerno

"Chop Sticks" Laurie LaConte
Great modern quilt-- again, one of six Laurie finished this year!

"Georgetown on my Mind" Donna Fitzpatrick
Could not take my eyes off of this one. <3

"Night Owls on Cape Cod" Shari Sears
Quilted by Marjetta Gladding. This is the Urban Owls pattern by Wendy Williams- a local quilt shop had a stitch-a-long for it. I though we would see more, but this person is the apparently the only one finished! LOVE the purple, and the name.

"Mermaids Retreat I" Ann Bermingham
Love that snails trail block. A friend of mine pointed out I have a teal fetish going right now... guilty as charged.

"Hillside Houses" Elsa Hahn
Great quilting, great colors.

 "Cape Cod Summer" Noreen Couture
I believe this is Sue Garman's block of the month done for The Quilt Show. What a credit to Sue that her patterns live on. And a credit to Noreen for finishing this amazing heirloom.

"Cool Color Burst" Vi Olsen
Vi was a featured quilter and had 25 quilts on display, each one incredibly unique. I don't think I've ever finished half that amount!

"Sienna Burst Quilt" Jane Wilson
Beautiful modern quilt-- straight line quilting-- simple and sensational.

"Tangled Threads" Donna Fitzpatrick
A spool quilt is on my bucket list-- my fabrics aren't as sensational as these, though!

"Thicket" Hilary Ward
I just love this. <3

"Sunset at Great Sale Cay" Donna Fitzpatrick
Bonnie Hunter's quilt-a-long. I'd love to know how many pieces... and yes, it's teal again...

I think you'll agree this guild has a ton of talent... not to mention people who finish things! LOL Stay tuned-- next post will be devoted to gorgeous applique.