Thursday, March 29, 2018

AQS Lancaster Part 1

Without too much comment, here are some promised pictures of the finalists at AQS Lancaster.
The first day of the show it snowed, attendance was down, and I had NO PROBLEM photographing anything and everything without people in front of it. Pictures never do these things justice-- you do need to visit these shows in person. I have mostly avoided showing the winners, with a couple of exceptions, in favor of ones you won't see online. My favorites. xox

Tere D'Amato

Yes, this happens to be my friend, and it is with some pride that I will tell you that she worked on it at MY HOUSE, and while we were being silly, I named it! XOX Heading off to Spring Paducah so don't miss it! That corner applique is to die for.

"Belle Ventesimo"
Christy Stephenson/ Jo Kuchera

I believe this is Judy Neimeyer's Wedding Star pattern... I made that one, and I really appreciate how this person also made it her own with this golden palette. A 50th anniversary?

"Limeberry Tart"
Lyn Crump

Hexi fans... this beauty came all the way from Australia. A lot of overseas quilts!

"Double Wedding Ring 2017"
Susan Haslett-Scholfield

Never get tired of this pattern. 

"Interwoven Puzzle 3.0"
Judy Mercer Tesher

Modern and exquisite. 

"Simple But Beautiful"
Jungsun Lee

Love the broken look of this!

"La Fleur de Glace"
Colette Dumont

So happy to finally see this in person. You need to visit these shows! Yes, it has quite a few awards, but just for the machine embroidery work, I'm showing it!

(details below)

 These beaded snowflakes are mounted in cutouts!

The color palette on this quilt is just stunning.

"Modern Movement"
Rachelle Denneny

Love the quilting pattern. Simple and sensational.

"Art of the Ancient World"
Robin Gausebeck

This had also ribboned-- not this time, but gets an A+ for originality.

"Pear Drops"
Cheryl Kerestes

Yes, this did also get a ribbon, but super original, love the color palette, and the quilting is also fresh and new. You gotta love when quilting totally disregards piecing!

"A Visit to Nana's Attic"
Pat Delaney

Hung next to my New England Album and such an honor. Pat Delaney is comfortable in any style-- this one had beautiful little embroidered flowers in each basket. Also from Massachusetts!
"Sammy's Delight"
Anne Marcelis

I usually get tired of color wheels-- in this case, I make an exception because it is just so much fun!

Well-- there are a lot more photos, and I will try to post more over the next couple of days. I hadn't been to an AQS show in four years, and I was just astonished at the quality of work- it just gets better and better. I have to wonder where this is all going to end up!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Time flies...

If you ever think that time flies, just start a blog! You decide to post once a week,  and WHOOPS... over a month goes by!

So where have I been? Mostly, in my sewing room, trying to finish the coffee art quilting in between power outs. It got so bad in New England here, that I had to ask for an extension. I absolutely hate being a problem person, but it's a role I seem to increasingly find myself in. I finally finished the quilting, with only blocking and binding to go. I know I said no more sneak peeks, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time the Vetruvian Man has ever been quilted... at least with a cup of coffee on his head. 

Then I promised to show you the state of my Bouquet quilt... and since I said that a month ago, it hasn't changed at all! 

I got a lot done in January... I didn't follow my own instructions on the first two blocks and had some pleats on the back of the crocuses and daffodils, so those had to be done over. Then I finished the border pieces... except... the one in the corner. As I was just congratulating myself for completing all of those pieces, I realized the white on white words on that one were upside down. You can't see it here, but I can't live with it. So as soon as the coffee ships to MQX, I'm rolling back in to this. I have seen some gorgeous finished customer quilts on our Facebook page-- it seems like mine should be done, too!

Then, I had to get the Cloud Club done-- to thank you for visiting my blog today, here's a peek:
I love drawing and digitizing these, but they take a lot of testing. The robin will be for sale Monday morning. 

And... I had scheduled a trip to AQS Lancaster last fall. It was on my bucket list, and I hadn't been to one of their shows in four years. As luck would have it, the snow followed us down but we made it!

The drive was really stressful at the end, slippin' and slidin' over the rivers and hills of beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch country. But I assure you that I was calm and rested by the time we got to the show, and and the look on my face in this photo is strictly because of bad lighting. :-)

No ribbon this time... I have to say, after my good luck at Fall Paducah, I'm over it. It is some one else's turn. I finally got to see Kathy McNeill's beautiful horses, and no ribbon there either. So the best reason to enter these shows remains the fact that once entered, you must go visit them at the show!

I came back with tons of photos and it's fun to post some of the ones that you don't see often on line... I will do that before another month passes, I promise!
This is "Papaver and Asplenium" by Karen Hull Sienk... stunning, and very much deserving of a ribbon.