Saturday, September 28, 2019

Indian Summer

We have been having the most incredible wave of weather... 
in the 70s with low humidity and piercing blue skies!

The thing I love after machine embroidery is gardening... 
(best of all is digitizing flowers.)
I frequently take walks around the house for inspiration...
that's my green "thinking chair" on the front porch.

It has been a great year for the gardens, but all around there are signs that summer is once again coming to a close.

I have knuckled down to start fall designs and have had some nice finishes this past month.

Food is just as much fun to digitize as flowers, come to think of it!

There are two types of people in this world:
those who like pumpkin spice and those who do not. Guess which camp I fall into?  Which do you? This is going to be both my Halloween and Thanksgiving centerpiece:

For the Halloween Special Edition Cross Stitch, I experimented and turned mine into, not a pumpkin, but a postcard. We are working on some sets that would fall into the category of "Finishing Kits." For example, you could take any embroidery stitch out and then use a "Mug Rug Maker" to turn it into an ITH mug rug, or a postcard.... This isn't available yet, but be sure to comment if you think you would be interested and what you would like to make out of your stitch outs.

In non-SFO sewing, I also had two nice finishes!

There is a little boy who has waited HIS WHOLE LIFE for this quilt... can you guess what state he lives in? Yes-- it's the one that has Quilt Market! And guess who is flying down that week to deliver this quilt!!

Out of 12 Frivols kits, I just finished my fourth one--- I'm not going in order, but this matched my daughters new apartment, oh so  perfectly! It is kit #12 and is made up of Editya Sitar fabrics-- Blue Barn, I believe. When I decided to buy all the Frivols after the fact, most were half price, but this one was DOUBLE!! Maybe by the end of the series they were not selling as well and so they didn't make as many.

So there are just a few random thoughts as one fall day, 
happily and beautifully, passes into the next.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My Birthday Adventure...

My birthday was at the end of last month, and as luck would have it, no one was around to celebrate with me. :-(

Not being one to sit home feeling sorry for myself, I decided to make my own party with a field trip, and let everyone know all along the way IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Quite a few asked me if it was a "BIG" birthday-- thank God, no! But I AM old enough to be in a museum.

Yes... The New England Quilt Museum!

There is my sweet little "New England Album" on display for the LAST time. (This is what I tell Mr. SFO every time he gets the ladder out to take it off our bedroom wall. But I DO think this will be the last time.)

The show was called "The Best of New England Quilt Guilds" and each guild juried one quilt from their membership. It's quite a treat to see what "real" people are doing out there, and to get away from the show quilting world. 

Here are a few of my other favorites-- does anyone else read the stories behind each quilt? I love to, so I've posted them under each quilt.

After viewing the show, you were invited to vote for a favorite...
this was mine...

Just because it makes the perfect segue way into my actual birthday party, which occurred on the weekend!

My son and his girlfriend made us all a fabulous seafood-fest complete with lobster, oysters, scallops and tuna.

We live on a pond, and here they are with the "grand-dogs" trying to get a little family portrait taken.

Here we are!

I love my crazy, happy, disorganized life!