Sunday, August 13, 2017

Brick 'n Mortar!

    Before our last farewell to the Bayberry Quilt show, I just wanted to show you our booth!

Left to right, that's Meg, from customer service, me, and then Tere who co-wrote the Summerhouse book with me. I realized very early in my career, that if you hang out with really talented people, it will rub off on you! And there was certainly much rubbing with the three of us plus customers in a 10x10 space. XOX

An incredible amount of work went into this, and it was a moment of pride, as well as gratitude, when I stood back and saw how great it looked. Absolutely everyone did their best, in this adult equivalent of a lemonade stand! My husband made me gorgeous wood quilt racks, and my daughter, Caroline, burned the CDs and created all of the packaging-- preparation was going on all summer.

The Bayberry Guild was amazing-- they gave us a spot at the very last minute... we were right by the front door and next to the ATM!! All the stars were in alignment at the Lucky Stars show.

This was our first show, and it was SO different from an internet store-- you actually meet and talk to REAL people! Build it and they will come, and come they did... in droves. I met some of my very best online customers-- some had come from as far away as Connecticut. Anyone who is brave enough to drive out to Cape Cod in the summer is a total rock star, and they did it for us! XOX

I wish I had taken more pictures, but we were hectic the whole time. Tere was going to help me with my demo, but we absolutely needed two at the booth at all times. I had to go solo with my little trunk show... I stitched out a mug mat and showed what you could do with them. My audience treated me like I was a magician! And so did my embroidery machine-- not one thread break!! We raffled off a Summerhouse Quilts book.

My head is still in the clouds.

Now that we have established a product line with embroidery CDs and the Summerhouse Book, we are looking to make the jump into quilt shops. Let us know if your local store might be interested!

And, I was going to use this blog to try to sell some of our left over stuff... but we're almost completely sold out! We have one t-shirt left, and some books and calendars-- we may reorder, so let us know if you are interested and we can make that decision.

And it's a wrap!

Highest priority now is the Flower Basket of the Month series which has rapidly crossed over the hump with 8 out of 12 designs-- Wow!

 There's a sneak peek of August above, debuting this week-- although I may move the poppies up front and center, for obvious reasons! We have started to sketch the missing border triangles-- and you are going to LOVE the idea...

Santa's Helper Christmas Club is also high on the list-- work on this actually started last December 26th and we have 8 projects ready... we'll be sneak peeking one of them Friday.

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Meeting you and Tere was a pleasure. Nice to put a face to the name.your booth was indeed very busy and very attractive.
    Will definitely show your book to our local quilt stores here in CT.

  2. Booth looks INCREDIBLE!!! Your HARD WORK really paid off!

  3. Very, very interested in T-shirt and tote bag. Booth looks awesome. Love your designs.