Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our Word of the Year... MAGNIFICO!

    2017 was a fantastic year for us, and we're determined to make 2018 even better. One of the issues we've been having as we pursue more detailed, artistic work, is the lack of specific thread colors in our charts. Our drawers are full of every brand on the market, and we're sure yours are, too-- so time and again, customers wrote to say that they struggled with color selection. 

So we are trading this in:

  For this!

Yes, we are excited to announce that our thread charts will now feature Superior Threads Magnifico line. 

Why Superior? 

We had a few DUH moments last year that pointed us in the right direction. First and foremost, the color is just intense. This happened in the spring when photographing Easter Sunrise... 

Just look at the yellow in those daffodils. So we checked back to see what brand it was... yup, Magnifico!

But it's not just about brightness, it's also just having the colors that speak to us-- the perfect olive green, the coral with just a touch of pink... there's 200 colors in all. We realized we were reaching for Magnifico spools again and again. 

Although most of us aren't interested in technical jargon, before making this decision, we had to check out a bit of science-- 
Magnifico is polyester-- and that means stronger and more colorfast than rayon. We blogged last summer about soaking "A New England Album" to get her show ready... would all those brands of thread run and shrink?

But then it occurred to us-- DUH-- after 18 months of hard work, why did we have to rely on just crossing our fingers?

What does this mean for you?

LIKE picking your own colors? Go for it! Our new thread charts feature a bigger color box to help you-- and the names that Superior has given their thread colors are so much more fun than the ones we were using!

LOVE it, but not ready to throw out all of your thread? 
Who would be-- just add some Magnifico to your collection whenever you can-- Superior will have a Magnifico thread chart available soon-- you can use it to match up our color chart with what you already own.

It's going to be a Magnifico Year!

This is our first finish of 2018 and we're as happy as that red...

Happy Stitching!



  1. Any chance of getting new thread charts for prior purchases?

  2. This is nice, will be glad to have the color numbers.

  3. Love Superior Threads, this is a beautiful collection.

  4. Wonderful thread!

  5. love the colors & I am in need of some embroidery thread colors. just starting to get into this new craft.I would love to try your threads.Thank you for your giveaway,

  6. Love these colors...and this line if thread!!