Saturday, April 21, 2018

Embroidery with Metallic Threads

When the folks at Superior Threads sent us a rainbow of metallic and asked if we'd like to collaborate on an educational article about it, we said, "YES!" faster than an embroidery machine can lay 1,000 down stitches. <3

Recently, we have been invited to give demonstrations at a couple of local quilt guilds. When Q&A time comes, the inevitable problem of stitching with metallics ALWAYS comes up.

We've often heard:
"My machine just doesn't like it!"

This spring, bling is making a comeback, 
and who doesn't want to throw in a little gold every now and then. Read the article here, then try, try again!: 
Read the Article: Embroidering with Metallic Thread Here

To help you along, we've posted a free spring basket to stitch... 
we used ALL metallics, but you can try just adding a little golden basket to the design.

(you will be taken to our website-- 
just click on the Flower Basket photo to download)

 Superior Threads makes the titanium Topstitch #90/14 needles you need (we also use them for regular embroidery and they last for a very long time!)... plus, you can choose from a rainbow of metallic colors that will make your designs glisten! Embroidering with metallics is so easy to do, and it's so fun to look for ways to use them. We swapped out the polyester blue below for the metallic blue in our blue jay, and his feathers really shine!

Happy Spring!


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