Monday, August 13, 2018


My family has just sprouted into a new generation! My mom’s first great grandchild was born in July. I thought that made me a “Great Aunt;” sounds so stuffy, doesn’t it? But my friend who studies genealogy told me that I am now a “Grand Aunt,” which sounds well, grand!

Recently my sister-in-law she pulled out a baby quilt I made years ago, and I realized how much I missed just making a “blanket.” All the show quilt ribbons in the world do not equal one cherished  "blankie!" So Grand Aunt Carol is stepping up to the plate-- maybe this time, I'll even throw a little quilting on the borders! ;-)

I designed this using EQ8– if you have it, I’d highly recommend taking a class to master it. At first it seemed really hard to use, but after taking a class with Candace West at MQX, she went through each tab and it made complete sense. She did warn that weeks spent on EQ8 will not produce even one finished quilt, though! 

I need 24 flags, 12 boots and one guitar.

I am starting with the borders and working my way in. Can you tell what state this baby lives in? The flags needed stars, and I learned that a “Friendship Star” is the easiest to make in the three inch size I needed. I used the Magic 8 method for half square triangles... there's absolutely no waste.

Then I like to trim them down to the exact size. If you don’t have any BlocLoc rulers, I’d encourage you to try one— also a rotating mat is wonderful for trimming. Yes, this all costs money, but it's amazing the tools you can collect over time with Joann Fabric coupons!

With the overload of projects in my studio these days, I have been trying to do things faster. Usually I like to cut enough for one block, assemble it, and even start joining blocks together before I have them all made. Assembly line is the way to go— cut everything at once, sew all the like units at once, etc, etc. First I made two flag blocks at once, which took about two hours. Then I tried making six at once— it took two hours, and then 12 blocks took two hours!! ;-)

 OK, I’m kidding, but you get the point! You will definitely reduce your time per piece by assembly line.

It’s on to boots now, I'm finding that Civil War prints are working perfectly for them. Not a genre I am usually interested in, but it proves you need a little of this and a lot of that for a solid stash.
Finally, I'll make a guitar, and of course some beautiful embroidery.
What is an embroidery machine for, if not putting a new baby's name and birth date on a quilt?

Another tip for gettin 'er done is one we all struggle with... make ONE thing at a time! So this is my project for August... except for the bouquet piece, and a Frivol kit I started, and then the Lovely Letters are waiting to be assembled...



  1. What a fun, little quilt!! It will definitely be WELL LOVED!!

  2. Love the cow boy boots. What a great dea for a baby quilt!

  3. Great looking quilt! Love it! Definitely must be a Texas baby.