Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve is a great time for reflection, and we thank you SEW much for stitching a long with us this year. It is a tremendous privilege to connect with the worldwide community of sewing, full  of people who live their lives trying to make something beautiful, frequently to gift it away!

And so, we reach across the world to hug each and every one of you with these few pictures to warm you and make you smile-- 
a little look at what happened between thread changes this holiday season at San Francisco Stitch Co.!

Our tree, pulled from the backyard, because we were so late in getting one, every one was sold out... isn't it glorious!

Stockings for all the elves at our son's auto shop... having a machine embroiderer in the family sure has it's privileges at this time of year, wouldn't you agree!!

A shortbread house, 
because we're Scottish and no one here likes gingerbread!

Snowflake cookies made by an extremely talented daughter. 
If you think sending one to art school won't pay off... think again!

A new rescue grandpuppy...
and a very tired grandpuppy at that!

A trip to see the tree in Boston, where my phone got SO COLD it could only take one picture...

Lots and lots of eating out-- 
because there is even less time to make dinner than usual...

Perler bead ornaments-- because at heart-- 
we're all about the crafts here.

Here's wishing you had the
most magical Christmas season ever,
and to a bright New Year-- 2019!

Carol and the San Fran Stitch gang


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Happy New Year!! XOXO

  2. Your decorating is beautiful...........those cookies are too pretty to eat....they are works of art...Have a great New Year.......we appreciate the beautiful designs you make for us. They make us look more talented than we really are.

  3. Okay Carol, how do you make the Shortbread House? Like you we are not into the Ginger thing but how I love Walkers!! Do you just make the shortbread dough and find a house mold? Thank you for all the beautiful designs you create for us. It's like living in a dream world (opps, now it's a Luminaire world). ggg A thousand thanks, Anne

    1. Yes! Just make shortbread-- I'll give you my grandmas recipe if you need one! It IS a house mold-- if you look in the upper right corner of the photo, you'll see it. I believe it came from Pampered Chef like 20 years ago. SPRAY and FLOUR it-- ask me how I know!! xoxo

  4. Carol, so I Googled Gingerbread house mold... found a couple on Amazon, 10 piece for $7. Way down on the Google page I noticed Pampered Chief and there was a used one on Ebay for only $80. Oh my!! Think I will go with Amazon. Do you need my email address for Grandmas recipe? Will Spray and Flour also.