Friday, June 30, 2017

The Language of Flowers Series...

Okay, we admit it... our heads have totally been in the clouds! It's time to get back to earth, and some more gardening... we are so happy that June's Flower Block of the Month was released in June!

This month's design is roses, and is titled "Love" but it really should be called "The War of the Roses" because we struggled so much with the design. Roses are so special, and we wanted this to be just perfect! Each successive stitch out is given a letter starting with A-- this design made it to G before we were happy. You can see the detail in the pretty basket below-- and the leaves all have that jagged edge that is so typical of roses. There's even a couple of thorns! The color chart this month explains how to change the bow and roses to YOUR favorite colors, if you like.

So we hope you'll agree the wait was worth it. Regrettably, the mug rug will be out after the Fourth of July holiday. To reward you for your patience, here's a progress shot below of the entire series so far-- how is YOUR language of flowers? We're betting with the nice weather, some of you have "head in the clouds" syndrome as well. XOX

It's not a good feeling to get back from vacation and realize you are behind on almost everything! But that's what summer is for, I guess. Le Petit Jardin finishing kit is also coming along, and the Summerhouse BOM 7 will be mailed tomorrow, right on time.

We'd love to hear what you are up to this summer as well! You can easily leave a comment but just using the "Anonymous" option. Or consider subscribing to this blog, if you enjoy a bit of machine embroider blather once a week.



  1. It's "sew" very, very beautiful!!! And, CONGRATULATIONS once again on your MAGNIFICENT win!!! You truly, truly deserve it!!!

  2. Definitely worth waiting for... just stunning!!!
    P.S. I just love Poppies