Tuesday, June 13, 2017

There's something GRANDE in Le Jardin!

Since we are wrapping up "Le Jardin Sow-a-Long," I can't resist sharing this cute story about what's growing in my REAL garden!

Last night as I was making dinner, my husband ran inside and yelled, "Grab the camera, and come outside RIGHT NOW!" I love surprises and when he saw the look of delight on my face, he added," You are NOT going to be happy!"

Well you'd think a person would know you really well after 34 years of marriage, but instead of being unhappy, I was EGG-STATIC!

This beautiful prehistoric beast climbed up a 100 foot cliff from the lake behind our house and picked my yard to lay her eggs...

I knew my garden looked nice!

So still thinking I was not happy, my husband started to think of various ways to get rid of the creature, all very unwise. It wasn't any ill will towards the turtle, but just that he knew I worked so hard to plant caladium bulbs in there, which may or may not have ended up as a turtle snack. I finally convinced him to leave it alone... he didn't understand that when dealing with a MOTHER, you could throw the thing in the car drop it off six miles away, and even if you were still in possession of all of your arms and legs, she would be back in the morning. I assured him, that to hide the eggs, she would put every last bit of mulch back where it belonged, neat as a pin.

I only took one picture out of respect, but I was able to peek out of a window and watch the progress... it took two or three hours but the size of the hole she dug was impressive,  at least a foot deep. Thinking we still had time to go before the magic moment when the eggs were laid, we went for a walk and when we came back she was gone.

The clean up job... not so much.

I walked around the back and there she was... resting. She finally got up and walked (I thought turtles scooted along) into the woods. She seemed tired but at least it is all downhill from there. I laughed when instead of going around the bush, she decided to just plow right through it! A creature after my own heart. XOX


A quick Google and I discovered the babies will hatch in 80 days...that's as close to a grandma as I am for now! So that's what's growing my gardens... what's growing in yours?


  1. That is the coolest thing I've heard planted in a garden!

    1. I actually have my calendar marked--- the big day is August 28th-- and I am really, really hopeful. Wondering if I should help them down to the water!!

  2. Nothing can top that story! I did see a Bearded Dragon down my driveway this morning, though, and there are wallabies outside the house fence. Apart from that I have your actual real-life vegetables in my garden. No butter beans, carrots or tomatoes but I do have lettuce and broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, peas and cabbage. And lots of herbs.

    1. I would trade a snapper for a wallaby any day, Pam!
      I am also growing lots of flower this year, cannas, caladiums, and marigolds, and for veggies, summer squash, zucchini, and tomatoes-- cherries are my favorites! and herbs. of course-- what is the point of tomatoes without fresh basil?