Monday, September 4, 2017

World Quilt Show Part 2

     More eye candy from Mancuso! In additional to the main, juried show, there were a bunch of challenges and special exhibits... one just seem to run on from the next, so I wasn't always sure what I was looking at. This series seemed to be a tribute to the flora and fauna of National Parks-- each and every one of them was spectacular! 
"Locoweed" Carol C. Eberhardt

"Purple Marshlocks" Paula Golden

"Freshwater Mussels" Laura Robertson

"Mountain Goat" Angela Laperie Miller

"Ladybugs" Karin Tauber
"Humpback Whale" Ricki Selva
"Nine Banded Armadillo" Maggie Ward

"Fireweed" Ann Douglas

"Snowy Owl" Sarah Ann Smith
"Boreal Owl" Juday Gula
 And some last random favorites...
"Gotham Transit Authority" Catherine Jarrett

"City Beyond the Trees" Benita Goodheart

"Circle Of Friends" Ruth Westra

"Jeans Plus Jeans" Bernadette Mayr

"Asilomar Memories" Phyllis Binkley

"Yard Birds" Allyson Allen

 So that was my first Mancuso show... no, I did not miss displays of perfect ruler work one bit-- I left totally inspired, ready to go home and start creating.  Highly recommend the show, and I will definitely be back!



  1. Love these photos even more!! So much talent.

  2. Thanks, Carol. Really enjoyed seeing those and the previous "edition" too. Tremendous and inspiring work - but loved the armadillos best - they made me smile.

  3. I appreciate that you took such good photos. Never have been to that show. The work you chose to highlight with your pictures are really beautiful.