Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Come In! Come In! We've been waiting for you!

The best part of a holiday is, of course, 
the opportunity to show off gorgeous needlework.

So we start off with our brand new, finished in the nick of time, calendar. We ate all of the candy as-you-go style, but tonight we're going to fill it up again and let the trick or treaters pick from it. More than one per customer is encouraged in this establishment,
so head on over!

Before candy, we're going to show you around a little.
We've been having an "Indian Summer," so a lot of the plants are still going strong. If you've been following our "Beaucoup de Bouquet" BOM, you must have figured out I love to garden!

 These are my faithful liriope that come up year after year. This year I planted purple coleus next to them.
Now I have purple flower stalks with white leaves, and white flower stalks on purple leaves. 
That is the kind of visual "trick" that I love! 

Yes, I know you're supposed to pinch out those coleus flowers, but I gave up a couple of weeks ago. The honey bees loved them.

This is sweet potato vine. It completely took over these pots. You can see a tiny, pink begonia flower still trying to peek out in the right pot there. No sweet potato vines in pots next year, but I have a stone wall they would look great drooping over.

The marigolds. They weren't as big as last year, but just look at that color. They are more orange than the pumpkins! The big pumpkin below now has a face just like "Mad Jack" on the table topper.
I love matchy, matchy!

Here's your vocabulary word for the day:

And isthmus is to land as a canal is to water.

...and we live on one!
Our house is on a thin ridge between two ponds. No tour is complete with a walk down, so follow me.

I love that the tree roots make steps.

It's a little gloomy today-- PERFECT for trick or treating!

The creature from the black lagoon would be right at home today.

And the hawks are out, crying and stalking! BEWARE!

 Mad Jack awaits midnight. He needs a candle. 
He might get a top hat later, and we're still looking for a gold marker for his gold tooth.

Yup. If there's one thing you can say about Mad Jack, 
the guy had guts.

Candy time! Do you see anything you like?

When you live on an isthmus by the black lagoon, you don't get many trick or treaters. So we reward the few we do get with something nice. My favorite is the Minion PEZ and also the emoji PES. I think those are staying.

One very strange thing this Halloween--
 the fun size candy bars is already open--
it really wasn't me!

So thanks for visiting and go and have yourself,
not a creepy, weird, strange, or scary one--

 but just like it says, have a



  1. Thanks so much for this great project AND for sharing photos of your property. If you have an extra peanut butter cup, I'll take it, LOL.

    1. I think we will have more than one extra!!!
      Happy Halloween, Dottie!