Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Baby Turtles!

This is a follow up to my post in mid-June-- if you remember, a momma snapper, the momma of ALL snappers, laid eggs in my front garden. I googled in and marked the 90 day hatching on my calendar and checked the area for every day for two weeks and found NOTHING!

Well, better late than never! We had about 24 tiny tykes crawling all over the yard for two days! As tempted as I was to help each one of them down to the water, I'm old enough to know that Mother Nature does not need our help, and it was enough of a job just to keep them out of the street.

They were very single minded in their quest to move forward-- if you ever wondered what a tank the size of a quarter would behave like--here it is!! They looked up and me with no respect for my size, instead they had the expression of "GET OUT OF MY WAY." I would have loved to try to overwinter one in an aquarium, but of course they hatched at the worst possible time, so I enjoyed them for just a day or so. Enjoy the photos! XOX

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