Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bayberry Show Part 3

Here's is Part Three of my home town show-- Bayberry Quilter's of Cape Cod. These are some of my particular favorites which kind of defy classification as pieced or appliqued.

"Leatherstocking Jane" Marie Oastler
All hand done. Need I say more.

"Floating Bubbles"  Cynthia Limberakis
This wonderful modern quilt was started in a guild class with Weeks Ringle-- beautiful matchstick quilting-- Finished AND Perfect!

 "Peeps--A Silkie Bantam Hen," Rebecca Lawrence
Thread painting eye candy. Just look at that eye.

"Maps" Uncommon Threads Group  Challenge--Kathleen Andreoli, June Calender, Robin Maguire, Meredith Pearson, Elaine Skoler
A map quilt is SO on my bucket list. Thumbs up, ladies.

"My Forever Quilt" Gail Butler
I'm crazy about Crazy quilts!

 "The Four Seasons," Nancy Brown
A nod to machine embroidery. Well done.

"Crazy About Recycled Seasons" Lu Obarowski
I used to spend my time, commuting 2 hours back and forth to NYC, cross stitching. What a wonderful way to frame this piece.
Shall I dig out some of my cross stitch UFOs?

Stencilled quilt-- In Memoriam--Frances Abell Brand
Frances was a famous quilter-- Google her-- started quilting at age 70 and completed 108 quilts! A life to celebrate. xox

"Let's Join the Circus" Maryanne Boberg
My vote for best in show!! LOL-- the Bayberry Guild has a FREE table to share unwanted fabric, etc-- I loving laid my Circus test stitch outs to rest last year, after figuring out my kids, now in their twenties, are no longer interested in a potential circus quilt. 
Maryanne took it from there-- yes, finished and perfect, again!
Thanks for the thrill, dear.

Our  guild challenge this year was SEASONS! Quilters were free to interpret the seasons through fabric and color. All quilts were required to hang vertically and measure 18 inches on the top and bottom and 36 inches on the sides. All awards were viewer's choice, and so the artist's names were not revealed-- comment below and I will gladly post them if you know whose they are.

Oddly, a group with homes on Cape Cod overwhelmingly selected WINTER for the theme. Go figure.

by Elsa Hahn-- won the blue ribbon. <3

In New England, we are also fortunate to host Mancuso's World Quilt New England show in Manchester, NH in August-- it is one of my favorites and brings in quilts from all over the world. Of course, I didn't miss it-- so come back soon for more quilty eye candy!



  1. So many beautiful, interesting and unique quilts!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great job capturing the flavor of this show.