Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

I'm down to one chance to do a blog post for 2019-- I'll take it!
Yes, we've been busy!

In addition to having a HUGE family Christmas, the Kris Kringle Cross Stitch Carol Club has not missed a beat.

Here's a sneak peek at #9 coming out Friday...

I'm sure if you know me, 
you knew that more birds would be included!

And here's two more sketched, which leaves only one and a finishing kit before this Christmas series is one for the books.

Next year, we were thinking of having our annual stitch-a-long DONE by Christmas, but who has time when it gets so close to Christmas to finish anyway? We always enjoy this week between Christmas and New Year's to make NEXT year's things. Still, the closer it gets to February, the less we're feeling it. Weigh in down in the comments below if you have an opinion.

We also finished a Cloud Club bird, the Mockingbird...

but she's sitting on cherry blossoms and looking completely 
spring-ish, so we decided to hold her over till January.

Do you see the cute sewing room in the window?
 This is our second-to-last bird, so we decided to give future generations a hint at who we are in this beautiful quilt.

And a New Year calls for a new stitch-a-long!

We are now going underwater for 
"Stitches of the Sea!"

We will be stitching the seven seas over the next year-- starting in the Chesapeake Bay, but also voyaging around the world to visit the Koi ponds in Japan, the coral reefs of Australia, and just about anywhere else if you have a suggestion. We'd love to have you as our "shipmates!"

These will all have the gorgeous ITH quilting we're known for--
the blue crab above will have the famous Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in the background-- look for it next week.

And finally, the cross stitch news!

NO, we weren't able to finish this and have it under the tree for dear "Caroline" who has waited 22 years for this finish!
Good news, ALL of the cross stitches are finished-- Bad news, there's still a ton of backstitching to do on the side by the tree-- also the infernal "Chicken Pox" as I call the colonial knots on the red chair, have yet to be done. I could probably finish in January, or, as I said to Mr. SFO, it could take another year, to which he replied,
"It looks like you've insured yourself job security there!"


Look what Santa left me under the tree!

Another vintage cross stitch kit hot off Ebay...
Looks like I'll have job security for another 20 years!


Thanks for stitching with us this past 2019, 
and have a Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful! Looking forward to the mockingbird (he's our state bird)!!!!

    1. Happy New Year, Dottie! I did not know about the mockingbird, but I do know your state flower! Is a set of state birds and flowers in store this year? I'm hoping so! xoxo

  2. Looks like beautiful things coming up........I don't know how you get so much done. I love the birds and they are almost finished........

  3. Happy New Year, Bea-- and, YES, our resolution is always to get even more done!! xox0

  4. I have seen your birds but have yet to sew one. Which I will have to put that into my agenda for 2020. They are so neat looking. All your patterns are GREAT but I lack time, so in 2020 I will have to make time.