Monday, January 6, 2020

Stitches of the Sea begins!

It's time to get our 2020 stitch-a-long started! 
After two years of birds, we are ready for something different...

But not TOO different, because we loved digitizing them...

and so we're moving from the sky to the sea...
"Stitches of the Sea!"

It was probably a moment vacationing at the beach
last summer when the inspiration hit.

When I got home in July, I made a list of twelve creatures to see if I could think of enough for a year. 

You can see that I could! So we're not thinking of strictly fish, but some of the other inhabitants, too.

This is our first yearly stitch-a-long that doesn't follow the months of the year. Instead we're going to travel the globe, because each creature needs to be quilted into a beautiful setting!

 First up, our Blue Crab lives at the famous
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. If it looks a bit sketchy, that's because digitized, it's less than the size of a quarter! 

Photo by Henry Gonzalez. 2003

Part of the fun of doing these series is the research, once you've decided on a subject, to find out where it lives. I don't travel frequently, but there's no limit to where you can go online.
I grabbed this photo from the lighthouse website-- 
I could actually drive here in a few hours, but some of the other creatures we have planned might require a sub!!

We are using Moda Grunge in the color "Pool," obviously, for our background fabric! The sketchy nature of grunge always compliments our thread sketching perfectly!

For the backing, we picked a new fabric called Uncorked Metallic. The color is aqua, and it has some gold mixed in.

You can use whatever you want-- 
expect some bright color choices!

You can stitch one, or all twelve, in three different ways--
the most fun for us comes when we see what YOU do with the designs!

If you live in Maryland, this is your state crustacean--
(I am not kidding.)
and so you can also just stitch it without the background.

We're planning a show quilt, of course!
With shells in the sashing and all sorts of splashy quilting!

Will you join us?



  1. Really nice! Looks like it will be fun (but, will probably make one hungry, LOL).

  2. I am so excited about this project, because I love the sea/ocean! How do I sign up? Do I just purchase the design(s) or am I missing something? Thanks! LaDonna

  3. We'd love to have you join us! There's no sign ups... just visit the site once a month to pick up the new design-- you can make as many as you want... once we have a few, there will be a finishing kit-- designs and instructions for how to put them together.

  4. We lived in the vicinity of this lighthouse during our time in Maryland! Your crab is too pretty to eat but they are yummy! Is it me or do I see the crab in two different colorways? Gertie

  5. When will the new Feb Stitches of the Sea be posted?

    1. One will be posted each calendar month-- sorry to be vague, but they are "works of heart" and don't always cooperate with the artist!

  6. This looks like a fun project. Looking forward to see what the year holds for "Stitches of the Sea". I am joining in on this project. It is fresh, and new, and out of my comfort zone to do. Now to get supplies and get started. Thanks!