Friday, September 1, 2017

Mancuso World Quilt New England

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the World Quilt Show in New England-- I had never been to one of these Mancuso shows before, and was I ever glad I went! Not only did they have quilts from the world over, but it just seemed like it was more artistic in nature and less about craft. I'm sure some would argue with me, but I left feeling totally inspired by people doing their thing instead of totally intimidated by displays of amazing ruler work. So without further comment, feast your eyes! I took hundreds of pictures and I will try to post more over the weekend.  XOX

"Fernando" Sandy Pistono, U.S.

"Flow" Susan Wessels, South Africa

"That Blooming Mosaic" Village Quilters Guild, South Africa

"Gear Wheel 2 Blue" Barbara Lange

"Red Fizz" Barbara Lange
"Gear Wheel 4 May Beetle" Barbara Lange

"Effervescent" Stacey Day, Canada

"Royal Doulton or Wedgewood" Marline Turner, South Africa 
"Florentine Fantasy" Jeanette Orr, U.K.

"Van Gogh's Garden" Ron A. Hodge, U.S.

In the Garden of Nuts Tamar Rimon Hemeli, Israel

"A Year In My Life," Shannon Shirley, U.S.
"Open Ways" Maria Reuter, Germany

"Pickled Butterflies" Martha Siegel Monk

"Carnival" Lee Sproul, U.S.

"Rose Parade" Linda Theilfoldt

"Wabi Sabi Modern" Anna Hegert, Canada